Aims and Scope

Legal Research Developement is a journal that continues to sustain and spread cognizance about Open Access on international level. We have condensed belief in Open Access values and strongly support the Open Access policy. It has full conviction in the scope of Open Access Initiatives. In conformity with this, the content of publications is typically steered by the nature of open knowledge, and the journal is unrestricted to access from any corner of the world.

It aims to provide a platform for the erudite and researching people to get their creative and academic writing published and make it visible to the whole world.

It provides a learning and peaceful ambience to show diverse scopes of analytical abilities.

It provides proper direction to the nascent researchers in the sphere of English language and literature. Our team aids the potential scholars in writing articles with proper approaches and format.

It creates and maintains the highest level of qualitative and original material ensuring zero tolerance about plagiarized material in the manuscript.

The Editor-in-Chief defines “the idea of multidisciplinary research as a kind of concentration to a wide range of concerns in research areas or subjects to evolving the value knowledge. It is a kind of entity that is studied and analyzed in terms of an object of just a single discipline. It works to make a kind of singularity in the world which is full of a variety of branches in the field of research and education”. Following this, we inspire authors to engage themselves in an interdisciplinary argument of topics from the broad areas listed below and apply interdisciplinary perspectives which may be applicable. We daunt submission with a singular perspective and with scholarly values. Author(s) must be sure of the high value of his/ her research contribution in the international standards and then submit it.

The scope of the journal is widely open to the Literature of various fields like Law, third gender right, women rights, child right, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Law and etc. but it is not confined to only aforesaid subjects. The same is only illustrative. This Journal has got the widest area for publishing the research internationally. The journal welcomes to innovative or new ideas of researchers and experienced to bring about a change and the development in the world. This journal is helpful, useful and beneficial for research scholars, students, Professors, teachers, institutions or organizations or establishments, commissions, governments, society and other required persons concerned to conduct research & do the needful as per requirements for the same from time to time.

Area of Discussion:

  • Law and Jurisprudence 
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Inetrnational Law
  • Gender Justice and Equality
  • Third Gender/LGBT Rights
  • Intellectual Law
  • Property Law
  • Constitutional Law